Sala Monkey Primary School was founded in 2013 in a small rural village in Kep, Cambodia. 

What started out as an opportunity to teach English lessons in a one room dilapidated schoolhouse has now grown into the construction of our beautiful new dream school. 

We currently have 157 students enrolled in our Kindergarten - P 4 program with another 150 additional children on the waiting list.

Final School Term for 2017

We have many activities planned for the final school term beginning on September 11th. The following are end-of-year programs that we need help funding. 

Halloween Carnival

Our students are currently planning our first annual Sala Monkey Halloween Carnival which is being held on October 29th.  Our P3 and P4 students are responsible for planning the games, creating a volunteer schedule, food menu, designing the posters, costumes, talent show and promoting the event via our Facebook page. We are using this event as a PBL project based learning opportunity! 

Kindergarten Graduation

This year we are very proud to announce that we will be celebrating our first round of kindergarten graduates. Our K2 students will be graduating on November 16th and starting in primary grade 1 next year. We will be inviting their families to participate in our graduation ceremony here at the school and can safely say that it will likely be the first graduation experience for most of our families. Keeping the children in school is a constant battle for us as educators, so we're pleased to be setting a positive example for the community and for our students! 

What Kind Of Support Will Be Funded? How Can I Help?

  • Projects! Project Based Learning, Halloween Carnival, and Graduation Ceremony.
  • Teacher and staff salaries - We simply could not operate the school without our teachers and tuk tuk driver. We have a dedicated set of teachers who've made it their mission to improve the education and quality of life for our students.
  • School supplies - We have nearly 200 students at present with a dual grade level kindergarten and full primary 1-6 program. 
  • Food and nutrition - The daily snack that we try and provide to our students. 
  • Maintenance of school facilities. This is Cambodia and unfortunately maintenance is a large and consistent cost for us.
  • Transportation costs for our tuk tuk bus program including maintenance and gas. We transport students from the next village over to and from school everyday as well as the students within our own village who do not have a safe means of transportation to attend public school in the mornings. 
  • School licenses and other administrative functions. 

Two Ways To Help

1. General Funding - Overall school operations, classroom needs, and building fund. 

2. Sponsor an individual student's yearly academic scholarship

Who Are The Children?  

Our students come to us from in and around our village.  The majority of children residing within the rural villages continue to live in generational poverty. Our goal is not only to break the cycle of poverty but help to build real sustainable change for not only the students and their families but the future of Cambodia.

What Type Of Education Do They Receive?

Sala Monkey provides formal quality education to all of our students. 

The majority of students continue to study their native language at the local government school for four hours each day and come to study an English based curriculum for another four hours here at SMPS.  

We follow a syllabus built around the Singapore National Primary curriculum encompassing several different subjects including English, Math, Science, Social Studies, Citizenship, and Art.  

Our kindergarten program is also based on the Singapore NEL curriculum and guidelines including Montessori practical life learning. 

n 2018, we will begin offering a preschool class for the children age 2-3 yrs. 

Our program strongly supports the PBL - Project Based Learning method of teaching/learning.  As educators we help to guide the students learning process but the premise of PBL  is to allow students to take charge of their research projects. 

How Can I Help? 

Of course by donating! A little or a lot...

We've gotten this far from so many generous friends and supporters who've done just that, given a little or a lot. You can also help by sharing the fundraising page and information about our school. 

And...if you happen to be in Cambodia, stop by the Crab Market and eat at Cha's Fish Tacos (our social enterprise) in order to support the school and of course enjoy some delicious tacos!


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